How to Hong Kong

An illustrated travel journal

Book Description

Inthis joyful travel sketchbook, Hong Kong is captured through thehearts of a writer and an artist. Fromthe winding, incense-filled streets of Sheung Wan to the pandemoniumof a wet market in North Point to the sleepy island backwater of TaiO, Lena Sin and Nicholas Tay take you on a wonder-filled journey thatshines a light on the softer, more romantic side of this chaoticcity.

Filledwith tales of growing up in Hong Kong, Lena weaves personal anecdotesand conversations with locals into richly illustrated watercoloursand photographs by herself and her artist husband Nicholas. The result isan intimate portrait of a city that is at once vibrant and energeticas well as charming and nostalgic.

About Sin, Lena

LenaSinis a journalistwho was born and raised in Hong Kong. However, her first love wasalways art and she spends much of her time illustrating inwatercolour, often while downing copious amounts of milk tea. She isa two-time Jack Webster Award nominee for her journalism. She lives in Vancouver.

NicholasTay studied illustration at ArtCenter College of Design in California. This education prepared himfor a lack of sleep and his career as an art director and artist onseveral video game franchises including Needfor Speed,NBAStreetand SSX.Recently, Nicholas has added fine art gallery shows, teaching andadvertising illustration to his area of play. He lives in Vancouver.