South China Morning Blues

Book Description

There's no place onEarth quite like it. From Guangzhou to Hong Kong, the boomingmegalopolis of the Pearl River Delta has endless stories to tell.
South China MorningBlues is filled with these tales of the postmodern East: depraved,rapidly changing, and never boring.
Just what kinds ofcharacters find themselves in 21st-century China? There's Marco,a crooked businessman with a penchant for call girls; Danny, aculture-shocked young traveler; Sheila, a local club girl caughtup in family politics; Amber, a drug-fueled aspiring model; Terry, an alcoholic journalist; and Ting Ting, a lovable artist witha chip on her shoulder.
Their lives intertwine in unexpected ways, as they delve deeper into theirsurroundings and in the process learn more about themselves.
China may be leadingthe world into the future, but its inhabitants are going to haveto make sense of the present if that future is ever going to arrive.

About Hecht, Ray

Newspaper journalist Ray Hecht was born in Israel and raised in the American Midwest. He lives in Shenzhen, China.