Ben Ben Diaries

Welcome to Parenthood

Book Description

When it comes to children, every parent goes through a countless amount of headaches, heartaches and worries. But ultimately, every child also provides their parents purpose and boundless joy in their lives.

Dan Kuah brings the joy, humour and poignancy of raising his son in the comic strip Ben Ben Diaries, which follows the humorous and heartwarming adventures of Dan and his 5-year-old son Ben Ben.

From the unexpected demands of parenting to the non-stop adorable antics of Ben Ben, Ben Ben Diaries offers a humorous take on life after kids that every parent can relate with through hilarious and all-too-familiar parenting scenes.

About Dan Kuah

Dan Kuah began producing comics since 12 years old. By the age of 14, he had brushed his shoulders with well-known local cartoonists and became an apprentice under the wings of acclaimed local cartoonist James Teo. Dan is very passionate about comics and hopes to inspire his son, Benjamin, with his works.

Smith Leong has pretty much spent his career in advertising and digital work and now heads marketing at a business incubator with gastronomic local food tour, MakanBus, being his latest project. When he's not thinking of new business ideas and contributing ideas for Ben Ben Diaries, he spends his time on his award-winning blog and trying to be an awesome Dad to his newborn son, Seth.