Foresight-driven Understanding, Strategy and Execution

Book Description

Most existing businesses plan for a world that is straightforward and static. Unfortunately, the world does not work that way. In an increasingly complex and uncertain world, FUSE provides a way to tackle problems whilst incorporating uncertainty into our analyses.

This book:

  • Shows how to make decisions in the present to better affect your future
  • Explains why foresight is important even when struggling with day-to-day operations
  • Describes how to best harvest the daily deluge of information from your internal and external environment
  • Offers a process-driven way of thinking about strategy that places principles at its very core
  • Highlights the importance of retaining flexibility and agility to adapt when things go wrong

Written by renowned strategist and thinker Devadas Krishnadas, FUSE is a valuable tool for any business leader, manager or strategist.

About Devadas Krishnadas

Devadas Krishnadas is the founder and CEO of Future-Moves Group. Prior to this, Devadas played a leading role in developing Singapore's fiscal and social policy where he led efforts in long-term planning and strategic thinking.

He is the author of The Seduction of the Simple: Insights on Singapore's Future Directions. He has been cited and published in international publications on foresight and strategy.