Pulau Ubin

The Last Frontier

Book Description

Urban Sketcher Francis Theo loves capturing scenes of Singapore. During his free time, he travels all over the island with sketchbook and pens in hand, drawing what he sees.

Mindful that Pulau Ubin is one of the last vestiges of rural Singapore, he decided to capture the unique charms of the island before they disappear. This book traces the journey from Changi Jetty, where one boards a traditional bumboat to the island, and captures images of idyllic kampong life and the many interesting and unusual experiences one can have on Ubin.

Pulau Ubin is a small island located northeast of Singapore, with about 130 residents at present. It has an abundance of natural flora and fauna and is home to a granite quarry and Chek Jawa, a conservation wetlands area. It is a popular destination with visitors seeking a different experience from mainland Singapore.

The wonderfully vivid sketches in this collection are a tribute to the beauty of Pulau Ubin, and an invaluable record of a truly unique place and way of life

About Francis Theo

Francis Theo worked as a store visual merchandiser and fit-out operations manager for more than 30 years. Since retiring, he has been a freelance illustrator, florist and art educator. Nicknamed “Sketch Machine“ by fellow artists of Urban Sketchers Singapore because of his quick sketching skills and passion for architecture, Francis is representing Singapore at the 2016 International Urban Sketchers Symposium in Manchester, UK.