Be Financially Free

How to Become Salary Independent in Today’s Economy

Book Description

Wouldn't it be great to be free from financialworries? To be able to live the life you choose instead of working your lifeaway? You can achieve this if you understand how the economy works, howconsumerism seduces you into debt, and how to use the tools at your disposalcorrectly. Financial independence is too important to let others manage it foryou.

Morten Strange, financial analyst, ‘citizeneconomist' and naturalist, draws from his 50 years of experience through the1973 oil crisis and various stock market crashes and economic recessions toshow you how to manage your money so you can be financially free. He explains,in simple terms, the mechanics of financial products and types of investmentssuch as savings, bonds, shares and property, and offers practical guidelinesyou can apply immediately.

What sets this book apart is its focus on the currenteconomy and the ominous direction that it is taking. While most analysts focuson short-term solutions, Be FinanciallyFree takes a global view. In this time of impending ecological limits andthe end of economic growth, what will you need to do to achieve – and protect –your financial independence in the long term?

Illustrated with charts, diagrams and case studies,this revelatory book will empower you to embark on the path to financial freedom.

About Morten Strange

Morten Strange is a Danish-born, Singapore-based independent financial analyst.