Negotiation Parenting

Or How Not to Raise a Brat in Today's Complex World

Book Description

Parentingstyles today have changed with small families preferred over large families.
This booktakes a bold step in examining major parenting styles and putting forwardnegotiation parenting as the possible answer to small-family parenting.
Section One explains what negotiation parenting is and the fundamental conceptsbehind it.
Section Two compares major parenting styles and discusses what you as a parent canexpect if you have adopted one or more of these styles.
Section Three distils the idea of small-family parenting and the impact of bringing upchildren with this style.

About Dr Foo Koong Hean

Dr Foo KoongHean lectures psychology at James Cook University, Singapore Campus. He is alsoa consultant psychologist at The School of Positive Psychology Singapore. He has a PhD in Psychology and a Post-graduateDiploma in Cognitive Behaviour Therapy. He has extensive experience inpractising psychotherapy and has run a childcare centre in Singapore.
Dr Foo'sresearch and publications have focused on parenting styles and practices andchild-parent relationships, and he has given numerous talks on this interest.