Evil Executive

Encounters with Malicious and Abusive Behaviour in the Workplace

Book Description

Bullying is common in all walks of life - not least at work. It's nasty and its results are long-lasting. But sometimes there's something more than bullying, where executives in organizations the world over are malicious, violent and often sadistic. These psychotics make individuals' lives an utter misery and they can bring organizations down through their machinations and devious ploys. This is evil, not bullying. And those who perpetuate evil cause mental and physical anguish - and occasionally death. Have no doubt that malaise applies to small organizations as well as large - and is not limited to the stories in the media about big companies led by wicked people. Evil executives are everywhere.
This book gives examples of the terrible nature of evil people and of the toxic damage they can do to anyone in any environment. It gives advice on how to recognize these executives and offer thoughts on how to manage in their presence and how to reduce their effect on you or anyone who might be a target.
Maier's book offers recognizable scenarios to which readers can relate. The book is about damage limitation. It will show the situations and the shocking scenes in which people often find themselves. It's a guide that will offer solace and pointers in equal measure and will provoke you to serious thought for your and anyone who you care.

About Simon Maier

Simon Maier is a communications expert and has worked with corporations around the world. He is the author of The 100, Inspire, The Diary, In Any Event and Speak Like A President.