When in Asia

Book Description

When cultures meet, the results are often surprising—and frequently hilarious. Even as the world becomes globally connected, customs and practices are preserved in very localized ways. In Asia, where traditions abound, daily life can be a minefield of misunderstandings – but also a rich source of amusement and enlightenment.

Casting its net over the varied countries of the continent, this new book takes a fun approach to life in different cultures. Each page introduces an unusual custom, accompanied by a cartoon—drawn by the artist who has illustrated all the titles in the celebrated
CultureShock! series.

From strange eating habits to unusual greetings and sayings, from disparate attitudes to work and play to the sometimes bizarre ways of love and sex, this book captures it all—with a knowing wink.

About Trigg

Trigg is the prolific illustrator behind the much-loved cartoons that have featured in the bestselling Cultureshock! series over the last twenty years.