Bouncing Back

How To Get Going Again After A Career Setback

Book Description

We live in times of global recession and slow recovery, where millions of people are facing redundancy, failed businesses, or the effects of cutbacks and budget reductions. Bouncing Back is for anyone who has suffered a setback in their career, who wants to make sense of the new world, and who wants to recover and move on quickly.

In order to bounce back, people need to develop resilience and agility, so that they can see the world as a place of opportunity rather than limitation. Resilience is about coming to terms with ourselves and creating the energy to motivate ourselves. Agility is about having a good set of thinking skills, talking with new people and being able to let go of what isn’t working and choose new directions. This practical and inspiring book offers essential skills for surviving and overcoming the disruptions in your career. It could even put you onto a new and more fulfilling career path.

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