Think, Speak, Win

Discover the Art of Debate

Book Description

Many books on persuasive speaking only teach you how to speak persuasively, but they don’t teach you how to also think persuasively. Debaters tend to excel when they are put on the spot, because they know how to think fast, speak well, and win audiences.

Think, Speak, Win: Discover the Art of Debate provides a first-of-its-kind comprehensive introduction to the basics of debating for young students as well as interested adults, in a light-hearted and interesting style. This book breaks down the skills of debating into simple, memorable, and easy-to-follow chapters, and even covers the basics of coaching a school team and judging a debate competition. The skills of debating can help you achieve greater success at work and school, and this book guides you through a memorable 6-step process to apply “Debate-Thinking” to situations such as interviews, essay writing, impromptu speeches, presentations, and even leadership and management. You will never be at a loss for words again!

About Keerthi, Gaurav

Gaurav Keerthi was the President of the Debate Association (Spore) and is a founding Fellow at the Raffles Debate Academy, and has been debating, judging and coaching for 16 years. Through the Debate Association (Singapore), he co-developed the International Emmy TM nominated reality TV debate show, The Arena, and subsequently starred as a judge. He helped train the Singapore national team that made it to the Grand Finals of the 2007 World Schools Debating Championships. He has consulted for Google, World Bank, Red Cross, Mediacorp, Ministry of Finance, Ministry of Education, and other organisations. He has written speeches for politicians, senior civil servants, and military leaders. His advice on writing good policy papers is compulsory reading for all civil servants in the Ministry of Trade & Industry. Gaurav received a full scholarship to study at Stanford University, and he is now a Lieutenant Colonel and a decorated helicopter pilot with the Republic of Singapore Air Force.