Collection of Cuban Art

Selection, Analyses, Opinions, Polemics and Adventures of a Collector

Book Description

This book presents the collection of cuban art held by Claudio Marinelli. Cuban art is an incredibly diverse cultural blend of African, European and North American influences, reflecting the diverse demographic of the unique Island. This book covers all characteristics of Cuban art from 1950 until today including such aspects as identification, galleries, exhibitions, auctions and insights into the personal creative motivating factors for the artists.

The author shares anecdotes about the art and artists and his experiences of buying Cuban art as well as providing a comprehensive account of the establishment and development of the Cuban art scene, from its origins at the arrival of artists, photographers and writers from Europe and America in the early 20th Century to the formation of a number of artists' collectives and prestigious art schools and colleges.

Featuring 90 black and white photographs and 100 beautiful colour illustrations showcasing Marinelli's collection and a 40- page epilogue in which he relates his personal approach to identifying and collecting contemporary Cuban art as well as discussing values to the international collector, A Collection of Cuban Art is a fantastic resource for anyone interested in learning more about Cuban art and artists and the way it has been shaped and influenced by the country's fascinating socio-political history.

Text in Spanish with epilogue in English.

About Marinelli, Claudio

Claudio Marinelli was born in Rome, Italy and is a contemporary art collector who has spent much of his career in Cuba.