Stief Desmet

Book Description

• An insightful look in to the multifaceted work of rising Belgian painter and sculptor, Stief Desmet
• Desmet's works are endowed with an unique and fascinating imagery that tell stories
Stief Desmet (1973) is one of the new names in the Belgian art world. His unusual painting technique sets him apart from the many followers of artists such as Luc Tuymans and Michaël Borremans. He has developed his own visual language, in which he draws on all the resources available to him. Painting is just one of the disciplines he practices; he also creates installations and sculptures and is renowned for his videos.
Desmet questions his own position as a contemporary artist alongside the "golden river" landscape painters (Leieschilders) from his youth, who immortalized the landscape in their pastoral works. Typical characteristics of his work include its escapism, in which the artist withdraws into nature, and the humor that is evident in many of his works.
Text in English and Dutch.

About Vekeman, Christophe

Stief Desmet (°1973) lives and works in Belgium. He studied at the Royal academy for fine arts (1991-1995) and at the Sint Lucas institute for arts and science (1994-1996) in Gent. In 2005 he was the laureate of the Provincial Price for Visual Arts of East-Flanders. He already exhibited his works in Belgium, the Netherlands, France and the US.