Family Medicine and Primary Care

At the Crossroads of Societal Change

Book Description

•Written by the European expert on family medicine, this book offers theory enforced with practical case studies and reflections
Modern family healthcare is under a lot of pressure, from insecurity when it comes to diagnosis and prescription behavior, to delivering quality assistance while balancing a large number of patients, There is need for reform - but before reform, there must be a vision. Not only for daily healthcare, but also for education - because in education lays the roots for social change.

By means of real patient testimonies and examples of daily consultations, this book focuses on family medicine. It pays special attention to the practical side of social determinants, diagnostics and therapy, and surrounding factors. Family Medicine and Primary Care emphasizes the importance of qualitative work by general practitioners, correct education, and informed policies. It is a practical guide for high-level family medicine, with input from international experts.

About De Maeseneer, Jan

Jan De Maeseneer is Head of the Department of Family Medicine and Primary Health Care at Ghent University. Since 1996 he has been a member of the Wonca International Classification Committee (WICC), which produces the International Classification of Primary Care, and of the Research Committee from the World Organization of Family Doctors. He is the Director of the International Centre for Primary Health Care and Family Medicine, designated by the World Health Organization as a "WHO-Collaborating Center on Primary health Care". He is an Honorary Fellow of the Royal College of General Practitioners (London, UK) and was laureate of the Belgian Francqui Chair in 2014-2015.