Singapore & Penang Street Food

Cooking and Travelling in Singapore and Malasia

Book Description

Singapore and Penang have a lot in common both in culinary and cultural terms. For centuries they have been at a crossroads of ancient trade, and immigration, giving them a strong multicultural personality.

Singapore & Penang Street Food shows the authentic taste of delicious street food in Malaysia and how the street-food scene in Singapore has become more food court nowadays. Regulated out of existence years ago, street food vendors moved into hawker centers where even the most delicate stomachs have the opportunity to partake. Strict safety and hygiene regulations make Singapore's hawker food some of the safest street food around, keeping high standards of tastiness and authenticity.

Beside five different Chinese cuisines, Singapore also offers Indian, Malaysian, Indonesian and Thai street-food dishes. In Penang you will find similar dishes but with a different touch, a different interpretation. The range of regional varieties is endless.

About Vandenberghe, Tom

Tom Vandenberghe is a passionate traveler, he visited South-Asia several times and even lived there for a while. He is an expert in Thai food and regularly organizes workshops. His book Bangkok Street Food has won the prize 'Best of the World 2011' of the Gourmand World Cookbook Awards.

Luk Thys is a well-known photographer, who has already illustrated several cookery books for Lannoo.