India's Water Security Challenges

Myths, Reality and Measures

Book Description

The thoughts and ideas penned in this book is an outcome of a process of discovery that was unfolded by the author while attempting to understand the mystery that surrounds ‘Water'.

The book highlights the water issue at the global level and the numerous intricacies that cause a resultant conundrum needing immediate global efforts.

The book also discusses the complexities specific to the Indian Sub-Continent which needs immediate focus because of the rapidly increasing demand due to large user population, rapid industrialization and inefficiencies in holistic water management.

About Murada, Vishal

Col Vishal Murada of the Indian Army has a Master's degree in Defence and Strategic Studies and a Masters in Management Studies. He is currently pursuing PhD on the topic “Water Management In India: A Study Of Measures To Be Implemented ”. This book is his research done as a Senior Research Fellow at the United Service Institution of India (USI).