Military Supply Chain Management and People's Liberation Army Logistics

Book Description

Military logistics is a relatively new word to describe a very old practice; the supply, movement and maintenance of an armed force both in peace time and under operational conditions. Logistic considerations are generally built into battle plans at an early stage. Without logistics, tanks, armored personnel carriers, artillery pieces, aircraft are just numbers on a table of organization and equipment.

Through this book an endeavor has been made to understand the logistics of People’s Liberation Army (PLA) of China. An introduction to the theory of supply chain management and logistics of foreign Armies is discussed. Today 'Revolution in Military Logistics' (RML) is taking place in the People’s Liberation Army. An attempt has been made to study this evolution, development and rapid modernization of the People’s Liberation Army logistics.

About Chauhan, Rajiv

Commissioned in Indian Army Ordnance Corps on 14 June 1986, Col Rajiv Chauhan over a period of 28 years has served in various Ordnance units. He has commanded an Ordinance depot in the Eastern sector. The officer was the Senior Provision Officer (SPO) of two central depots of the Indian Army. He was also a member of the computerized inventory control project dealing with the automation of the Indian Army inventory. He has worked in military related logistics research at United Services Institution of India (USI) as a Senior Research Fellow.