Congo on the Road

Book Description

Angelo Turconi, traveler and photographer in Africa, shares his remarkable images of everyday life in Congo. Congo on the Road is the result of many journeys in this multifaceted country and documents his encounters along the road: the Yaka chief in ceremonial dress, the chief of the Pende and Chokwe in prestigious attire, the Emperor of the Lunda on his throne, a family photo of the Kitawala sect.

Turconi's photographs testify of a deep respect for the ones captured by the lens. We experience daily life as it is, with its deprivation and many struggles, nonetheless Angelo Turconi highlights the courage and joy of people and their endless ingenuity and creativity in overcoming obstacles. The beautiful and diverse scenery is as evocative as poetry. It opens the heart and fills it with admiration, memories and - for those that had the chance to experience life in deep central Africa - even nostalgia.

Text in English and French.

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