Improve Your Chess Pattern Recognition

Key Moves and Motifs in the Middlegame

Book Description

Pattern recognition is one of the most important mechanisms of chess improvement. This is well known. But what does pattern recognition actually mean? And how can you improve at it?

If you realize a position has similarities with something you have seen before, you are recognizing a pattern. This helps you to get to the essence of a position quickly and find the most promising continuation. To get better at recognizing chess patterns, knowing which positions are worth remembering will save lots of time and energy.

In this book IM Arthur van de Oudeweetering supplies building blocks for your chess knowledge. In short chapters he presents lots of well-defined subjects, easy to remember because of their specific elements. After working with this book you will experience something wonderful: your mind and memory will be triggered much easier and more frequently. An increasing number of positions, pawn structures and piece placements will automatically activate your chess knowledge. As a result, you will simply find the right move more often and more quickly!

About van de Oudeweetering, International Master Arthur

Arthur van de Oudeweetering is an international Master and an experienced chess trainer from the Netherlands. He has written regular columns for the chess news website of ChessVibes and, and is a frequent contributor to New in Chess Yearbook, the Chess Player's Guide to Opening News.