In His Time

Book Description

  • Presents the work of Henri Matisse through his influences, friendships, contemporaries and connections, juxtaposing Matisse's pieces with those of other artists, such as Picasso and Braque, placing each work in its context
  • Accompanies an exhibition at the Oklahoma Museum from June - September 2016

The exhibition Matisse in his Time, and this accompanying catalog, present a selection of works belonging to the Musée national d'art moderne at the Centre Pompidou in Paris. The masterpieces gathered here are presented in the artistic context of their time, and compared with other masterpieces from the same collection - Picasso to Viallat passing by Braque, Léger, Dufy, Renoir and Bonnard.

What is being proposed here is not, therefore, the master of Dance isolated in his ivory tower, but a Matisse in connection with his time, through his friendships, the abundant and fruitful exchanges with his contemporaries.

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