I Can Feel Good Right Now

Soothing and Inspiring Wisdom From Dr Fun and the Collective

Book Description

A reference book of positive affirmations and funny creative ditties from the irrepressible 'Dr Fun'. Based on the law of attraction and the loving principle as taught by Abraham-Hicks, each page is a gem of inspiration to remind us that we are eternal beings on a path that can easily be one of happiness if we just allow it by finding a better feeling thought. A book about 'In the Now'.

About McGinnis, Tim

My passion to understand myself and my place in the world has been a long and complex process. Answers have not come easily to me, but what has come is an acute ability to understand the underlying principles of life and happiness and with it, an earnest desire to communicate what I am learning to anyone curious enough to want to understand. I use short and catchy songs to help people feel better, by shaping their moment by moment thoughts in order to harness the power of their focus.
I am continually asking questions, receiving answers and finding creative and revolutionary ways to communicate these truths. I love bringing ideas that typically stay under the surface of everyday consciousness and emerge into the forefront of life's experiences in a happy and easy manner.

- Tim McGinnis aka Dr. Fun