Crossing Zion

A Man-Tale In Three Acts

Book Description

A Man-Tale in three acts. Crossing Zion has the ability to reduce the reader to tears, wild hysterical laughter and to be moved deeply by the passionate struggle of a young mans climb through life. This is the zen of all life journeys through divorces, children, love and leading the young and foolish - of all ages. A born teacher and guide, our hero candidly regales us with his often life-threatening adventures on mountainsides, in the 'at risk' classroom, at the journalists desk and bouncing in and out of the bedroom. This is a book is full of soul and passion, tempered by the cynical wit of 'Langdon Towne' and the mysterious 'Book of Truths'. You wont be able to put it down.

About Johnson, Keith Mark

Keith Johnson has a fast-paced tell-all style that appeals to readers of all ages, back grounds & interests. After working as a mountain guide in the 90s he took his hard earned Sherpa skills to urban schools, Indian reservations and a maximum security prison - anywhere that needed a man of character willing to work where most ‘sensible folk' dare not go. Keith has traveled throughout the mountain and desert regions of the west as well as Nepal and Europe.
Keith's singular relationship with Lopsang Jangbu Sherpa has proved to be a major factor in both the writing and the way he lives his life. Inspired by his friend, the Crossing Zion tour is dedicated to honoring the memory of the late, great Sherpa, as well as bringing light to the unsung Sherpa climbers and people. In fact, Keith teamed up with Sherpas to form Everest Aid, a non-profit organization dedicated to helping Nepal.