The Unforgettable Maharajas

One Hundred and Fifty Years of Photography

Book Description

Showcasing an extensive range of photographs from India's princely states, the book opens a window into the private lives of the maharajas

The finest collection put together of the Indian royal families

Featuring the jewellery, interiors, portraiture and many more aspects of the lives of these majestic families

This luxurious book is a documentation in photographs, of the maharajas of India: undoubtedly one of the greatest anachronizms of the 20th century. Among them were enlightened rulers and profligate princes, saints and scoundrels, heroes and cowards, sadists and boors, charmers and eccentrics. In the eyes of their people, however, they had the divine right to rule and they left the stamp of an unmistakable aura of majesty.

A comprehensive collection of historical photographs from princely India, this is also the largest selection of royal pictures in any one book. Many years of research and documentation were invested to verify their details. The result is a book that conveys the romance that the maharajas represented to the world and a historical record of an age we will never see again.

Born To Rule
And They Posed For Posterity
Citadels Of Power
Celebrating An Era
Princes At Play

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