New York

The Art of Traveler's Notes

Book Description

See the New York you've never seen before on paper, in your own drawings. Take it everywhere you go, follow simple step-by-step guides and keep your unique impressions forever. The Statue of Liberty, Central Park and the Dakota Building, the Brooklyn Bridge and Grand Central: places you've seen so many times on the screen. Or maybe you've already been here, and took truckloads of photos. Well, everyone does that, right? But with this book you'll be able to draw it all by yourself.

Take the sketchbook everywhere you go. Use it not only for sketches, but for addresses, e-mails, phone numbers and all the other kinds of notes a traveler may wish to make. Write down what you hear or feel when one or another sketch is created. This will make your impressions truly unique. And your memories of New York will have the sounds of people talking and trains arriving. Years later you'll still be able to recall the smells of hot asphalt, seawater and grass just by looking on your drawings. Isn't that better than smartphone photos?

  • Step-by-step guide to drawing all the famous places of New York.

  • Tips on sketching and coloring techniques.

  • Many pages to fill with your drawings, impressions and memories.

  • А bookmark, a pencil holder and an elastic band on the back cover.

  • A new way to see any place you visit.