Betrachtungen über Denk-Male in unserer Zeit

Book Description

The subject of this book is memory. Memorials are used to counteract forgetting. In the democratic and pluralistic society, where all developments are accelerated by modern communication channels, the definition of a monument as a ceremonial and weighty sign of memory bringing to life historic moments has become obsolete. We have a positively endless number of collective experiences, and as many signs of memory. Under these circumstances, what remains that can still be described as a monument? In this book, the author addresses these questions, offering his far-reaching insights into all areas of architecture and art history, philosophy and the new media. The book will benefit any reader looking for thoughts and information from outside the mainstream.

About Schaal, Hans Dieter

Hans Dieter Schaal is a stage set designer, architect, landscape designer, philosopher and utopian. His books, most of which are published by the Axel Menges publishing company, have attracted an international audience, and have influenced whole generations of young designers. The author lives and works in Attenweiler, Germany.