Sleeping Cars

Book Description

  • This book presents an ubiquitous object viewed in a completely new light through the lens of a top photographer. Are you crazy enough to think that cars really sleep? Gerd Ludwig's images make you believe they really do

In Los Angeles County there are more than seven million registered vehicles. Everybody knows about highway traffic here. But where do all those cars go to rest? Gerd Ludwig is a night owl and doesn't need much sleep, so he sometimes goes out at night to photograph "sleeping cars". His chosen cars are loners. They command their own space. They are not crowded in with others to have a presence. After a while he recognizes their sleeping patterns. The cars in this project are photographed as he finds them. Their covers are like nightgowns, though some sleep in the nude. Some take daytime naps and a few lucky ones get to sleep together. Occasionally proud car owners ask him if he wants them to move or uncover the car for the photograph, but, Ludwig says, "I generally don't like them to disturb the cars in their sleep".

Text in English.

About Ludwig, Gerd

Gerd Ludwig is one of the most renowned photographers in the world and has worked for National Geographic for 25 years. He has received numerous prizes, including the Lucie Award as International Photographer of the Year. At the Photokina 2014 the German Photographic Association DGPh honored Ludwig's lifetime achievement with the Dr Erich Salomon Award. His most recent book with Edition Lammerhuber, <a href="">The Long Shadow of Chernobyl</a> ISBN 9783901753664, also earned him many awards, including one from the Art Directors Club New York.