Andalucia Marco Polo Handbook

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For advice you can trust, look nofurther than Marco Polo.

The Andalucía Marco Polo Handbook offers expert advice and is aimed attravellers looking for in-depth coverage of a destination - from detailed culturalinformation to Insider Tips - in an easy to use format. Whatever your mood orinterests, Marco Polo Handbooks are the perfect travel companion.

Inside the Andalucía Marco Polo Travel Handbook:

The Light of the South: What makes Andalucía so fascinatingly different toother southern landscapes is the legacy of the Arabs and Moors. They not onlygave the region its name but in the 700 years they spent here developed anadvanced civilization that was marked by the spirit of tolerance between Muslims,Jews and Christians. The Marco Polo Handbook to Andalucía takes you to Moorishpalaces, across vast landscapes, green olives groves, to the sparkling sea andover snow-capped mountains to white villages and proud cities – Andalucía neverfails to fascinate.

Discover & Understand: Our innovative infographics condense large amountsof data into a format which is easy to understand.

In the mood for: Fun suggestions help you to experience the variety ofAndalucía, whatever your personal preferences and interests.

Unique 3D images provide a vivid insight into the former mosque and present thecathedral of the Mezquita in Córdoba and the Alhambra in Granada.

Tours: Along the Costa del Sol or through the olive groves? To white villagesor rugged mountains? Four suggested tours show you the most beautiful parts ofAndalucía. All suggested tours are plotted on detailed maps and combine thebest and most interesting places to see, with tips for exciting stops along theway.

Experience & Enjoy: All the things which make a trip unforgettable: fromeating and drinking, shopping, sightseeing, museums & galleries, stayingthe night, travelling with children, festivals and going out in the evening.Which Andalucían culinary specialities should you try? Where can you experienceauthentic flamenco? What is there to do with children? Answers to these andmany other questions can be found in this chapter.

In depth knowledge: Knowledge is king and Marco Polo Handbooks are packed fullof information to help you get the best out of your trip. Insider Tips andspecial Marco Polo insights reveal hidden gems and well-kept secrets.

Large pull-out map: Includes a separate pull-out map handily placed in a highquality plastic wallet at the back of the book, which can also be used as astorage pocket.

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