Rost/Rust in Peace

Automobile Discoveries in the USA

Book Description

•This beautifully designed book presents abandoned automobile finds and rusty roadside treasures of classic car enthusiast Heribert Niehues

Barnfinds are currently rather trendy, but the phenomenon is not new. For as long as there has been a classic car scene, treasure hunters have loved coming across remnants of classic cars in an overgrown barn or on a remote property. It does not matter whether they can get the find running again, it is simply enough to dream about the possibility and what it would be like...

This beautifully illustrated book presents the finds of Heribert Niehues. For decades the avowed fan of classic cars traveled the USA and found sensational cars - again and again. His atmospheric photographs show how they become one with the rough landscapes of the Wild West or the rich green of the Deep South if they've been given enough time. But cars are not always the main aspect: accompanying fuel stations and motels that were left behind but still wear an aura of the good old times, they too found their way into this book.

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