Hieronymous Bosch


Book Description

•Five Triptychs are presented here, through which the reader can discover Hieronymus Bosch's fascinating work
•The book itself is made to resemble a triptych, presenting five unfolding panels and accompanying anaylsis
•Of interest to art historians, and anyone with a fascination for Bosch's mysterious worlds

Discover the limitless imagination of the famous 15th century Dutch painter Hieronymus Bosch, who remains to this day one of the most mysterious figures in all of Art History. The book itself is uniquely bound; it opens like a triptych, its five panels revealing the most bewitching examples of Bosch's work, allowing the reader to be captivated by the uncanny and powerful dimensions of his art. The story of each triptych is told through in-depth descriptions of each panel. The reader is invited to discover the details and symbols that enrich every painting, exploring the odd figures and scenes that have perplexed and amused Bosch's audience since their entry into western canon.

About Cassegrain, Guillaume

Guillaume Cassegrain teaches modern Art History at Grenoble-Alpes University. His research focuses mainly on art poetics, and more specifically on the relationship between man and nature. He is the author of various books published by Hazan (Tintoret, 2010; La Coulure. Histoire(s) de la peinture en mouvement, 2015) as well as Actes Sud (Représenter la vision, 2016).