Secret Behind "The Rape of Nanking"

A Spiritual Confession by Iris Chang

Book Description


China has been rapidly gaining strength in recent years and is about to establish its status as a hegemony. At the same time, the Chinese government is taking the Nanking Massacre up to a whole new level in the international society. In June 2014, the Chinese government filed an application with UNESCO to register the history materials regarding the Nanking Massacre and the comfort women as “Memories of the World.”

The Rape of Nanking, which came out in 1997, is a book that greatly contributed to creating this trend. Due to the book, the term “Nanking Massacre” has recently resurfaced and spread rapidly throughout the world, starting with the United States.

However, The Rape of Nanking has been brought up and argued by many experts as a ludicrous book, from the time it was published. The photos used in the book as records of cruel acts by the Japanese army are all photos that have been taken from elsewhere, completely irrelevant to the Japanese soldiers and Nanking.

In order to provide a powerful material in identifying this issue, we have published The Secret Behind “The Rape of Nanking,” a book revealing Chang’s current state, the strong possibility of a conspiracy behind The Rape of Nanking and even the truth about her death. This was done by a method unheard of: summoning the spirit of Iris Chang from the spirit world.

Regardless of whether or not you believe in a spiritual message phenomenon, as an individual human being, you cannot remain unmoved by her tears of apology and the truth in her plea, both coming from the bottom of her heart. And you will probably ask yourself, “What is the truth?”

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