My Sweet Home

Childhood Stories from a Corner of the City

Book Description

•This book explores Okhla, a neighborhood of Delhi unfairly dismissed as a Muslim ghetto, from the perspective of 20 children who live there
•Features art and writing by the children of Okhla
•Also features 43 black and white photographs by Kunal Batra

My Sweet Home captures Okhla, a neighborhood in South Delhi, from the perspective of 20 children who live there. The children have written and created art about their homes, terraces, mosques, and the villages that their families come from, in a workshop conducted by the authors. This volume brings to light the many stories from this teeming, thriving corner of Delhi, often bypassed in common discourses on the city.

This book also tries to resolve the many misunderstandings that people have of the place as a Muslim ghetto, through the experiences of some of its younger residents. These stories and drawings reflect the relationships that the children have with their neighborhood, prompting an intangible connection between the reader across region, religion, and nationality, to bring them closer to this misunderstood, misrepresented community.

About Mishra, Samina

Samina Mishra is a documentary filmmaker, writer and teacher, currently with Pathways School Noida. She also conducts workshops with children and has authored the children's book Hina in the Old City.Sherna Dastur is a graduate of the National Institute of Design, Ahmedabad. Some of her documentary work includes Safdar Hashmi (2000), Rah Bahari (1997), and Jungle Bolta Hai (1994).