Windmills of the West

Book Description

The windmill is an iconic feature of the western landscape and was just as vital as railroads and horses in the settlement of the West. For ranchers and farmers who had struggled to pump water manually from the ground, the windmill provided an abundance of clean, pure water by tapping effortlessly into the underground supply. This allowed ranchers more freedom to graze cattle on land that had no surface water and also improved their quality of life.

This new book by David Stoecklein continues his photographic documentation of the West and traces the important heritage of the windmill throughout the western states and old Mexico. His images are accompanied by a brief history of windmills and quotations.

About Stoecklein, David R.

David R. Stoecklein has worked closely with ranchers and cowboys from every Western state. Through his work, he has gained a deep understanding of and respect for cowboys. His quest to keep the spirit of the West alive is heartfelt and uncompromising. David spends every free moment photographing cowboys and all elements of their lives, preserving their heritage and traditions. David resides in Sun Valley with his wife, Mary, and their three sons.