Western Fences


Book Description

Fences across the American West are a symbol of the hard work and perseverance of working cowboys and cowgirls. David Stoecklein's images in this volume of the ever-expanding Cowboy Gear series depict the fences that snake across the varying terrain of the West, ranging from simple barbed wire to old wooden panels. Fences serve an important purpose and they also have a certain symbolism. They communicate ownership and mark property lines, but they also protect livestock and symbolize the teamwork that is so important to surviving in a harsh environment.

About Stoecklein, David R.

David R. Stoecklein has worked closely with ranchers and cowboys from every Western state. Through his work, he has gained a deep understanding of and respect for cowboys. His quest to keep the spirit of the West alive is heartfelt and uncompromising. David spends every free moment photographing cowboys and all elements of their lives, preserving their heritage and traditions. David resides in Sun Valley with his wife, Mary, and their three sons.