Retriever Training

A Back-To-Basics Approach

Book Description

Through gentle training methods learned from Ray Hunt--the original "horse whisperer"--Robert Milner shows retriever owners how to train the hunting retriever by using its own natural tendencies instead of force. Supplemented with the latest scientific research on how dogs learn, Milner's easy step-by-step training regimen uses positive reinforcement to create the perfect hunting and at-home companion. There is no better training method for the hunter who wants a calm, steady, and obedient retriever.

Milner, who has been training retrievers professionally for more than thirty years, reverses the trend of difficult dogs and difficult training methods and offers a system every hunter can easily understand and follow.

About Milner, Robert

Robert Milner has been training dogs professionally for over twenty-five years. Over that stretch he has trained about 1,500 retrievers for hunting and field trials, drug and explosive detection, and even search-and-rescue operations. He has judged retriever trials in the both the U.S. and in England. Milner retired as a lieutenant colonel from the U.S. Air Force Reserve in 1995, and has been a full-time commercial real estate broker since 1987. He lives in Memphis, Tennessee, with his wife and yellow Lab.