Journey to the Centre of the Earth

Book Description

What lies at the centre of our Earth? When Axel helps his uncle Professor Lidenbrock to decipher a cryptic ancient manuscript that purports to chart this very journey, he is thrust upon an epic adventure. They set off from Germany to Iceland, where, with their guide Hans, they descend a volcano, braced for unimaginable phenomena. Nothing, however, could prepare them for the world beneath. With rapid pace and remarkable detail, Journey to the Centre of the Earth reflects the increasingly enlightened world of the nineteenth century, which resonates strongly with today's ever-growing scientific worldview.

About Verne, Jules

Jules Verne was born in Nantes, France, in 1828. Although internationally revered as a father of science fiction and adventure writing, in his home country, Verne is considered a literary figure of higher regard, with a significant influence on avant garde and surrealist writing.