Yoga Sequences Companion

A Treasure Trove for Students and Teachers

Book Description

Yoga Sequences is a compilation of Vani Devi's previous three yoga books, with additional sequences. Drawing on the author's decades of experience teaching yoga to students of all levels of skill (including prisoners, children, and adults with special needs), these sequences are practical, easy-to-follow and will provide inspiration for every student and teacher.

Beautifully illustrated with the author's hand-drawn images of her students as well as images from the natural world, this is a uniquely imaginative yet substantial yoga book, and a valuable addition to any yoga library.

About Devi, Vani

When Vani Devi developed a speech problem in her 40s, she visited a medical specialist, who told her “I can't help you, but I suggest you take up yoga”. It was the best advice she ever received. Vani Devi trained to be a yoga teacher at the age of 52 and has now been teaching for nearly 20 years. Her first career was in teaching and performing music, and she continues to practice and teach. She lives in Oxfordshire, UK.