Yoga for Travellers

Sequences, Postures and Guidance for Every Journey

Book Description

Yoga for Travellers is a how-to travel yoga guide, a travel buddy—and a touching memoir of a spiritual journey. Setting off on a round-the-world trip, recovering from a break-up, yoga teacher Jennifer Ellinghaus knew it was essential to keep her yoga practice going on her travels. But she wasn’t sure how. This book encompasses everything she learned. Whether you’re wondering how to set up your mat in a dorm, working towards headstand or worrying about loneliness on the road, this little book will encourage and inspire. Includes illustrated yoga sequences, guided meditations and inspiring quotations.

About Ellinghaus, Jennifer J.

Jennifer J. Ellinghaus has been backpacking since 1997 and teaching yoga since 2006. She trained as a yoga teacher at The Life Centre (now Yogacampus) in London, and has also been influenced by her teachers Charlotte Bliss, Graham Burns, Lizzie Giles, Judith Hanson Lasater, Doug Keller, Susanne Lahusen and Rod Stryker. Jenny believes everyone can benefit from practicing yoga, and has a light-hearted approach to teaching. She lives in Melbourne, Australia.

Jon Lander is an illustrator, artist and writer based in Brighton, UK.