Shepherd Spy

Tales of Violence and Intrigue and Terrorist Sheep

Book Description

Welcome back to the wonderful world of Simon Drew! A combination of artist and wordsmith, Simon combines these talents with an inventive and quirky sense of humour in his range of books, this being his twenty-fourth. A new perspective unfolds: the familiar becomes unfamiliar, the known becomes unknown, the serious becomes humorous, reality becomes nonsense. This is the story, illustrated with Drew's instantly recognisable drawings, of how a detective-cum-spy of very special prowess (a.k.a. Rabbit the dog) tracks down his enemy. Extraordinary ingenuity and stealth assist him in his task of rooting out evil, pursuing it doggedly and resolving to rid the world of its blight. He is persistent. He is cunning. He is undaunted. He also appears rather sheepish... Even more original, if possible, than all of his previous titles, Shepherd Spy contains a humorous narrative unfolding over each double-page spread. What is more, within the text is a competition, the prizes for which are signed original draw

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