Your Sick Dog

A Dog Owner's Guide to Understanding and Managing Breeding, Illness and Injury

Book Description

  • Invaluable reference for every dog owner
  • Covers major and minor symptoms with clear and understandable explanations

    Dog owners can understand every aspect of the veterinary care of their pets and demystify the visit to the vet. Each chapter of this book is written as if it were a consultation with your vet and enables even the vaguest symptom to be translated into an accurate diagnosis with a very specific treatment. This book does not try to replace the vet or prescribe how individual medical conditions should be treated, but empowers the owner to meet the vet on more equal terms and to be able to discuss the care of the dog more fully. An invaluable and informative manual for every dog owner.

  • About MRCVS, Nico Maritz BVSc.

    Nico Maritz is a practicing veterinary surgeon with extensive international experience treating domestic pets.