Biggio, Valentin, Vaughn & Robinson: Together Again in the Big Leagues

Book Description

Each played baseball as kids. They all played together on a college baseball juggernaut at Seton Hall. All of them wanted to make baseball their life. The Hit Men and the Kid Who Batted Ninth traces the baseball lives of Craig Biggio, Mo Vaughn, John Valentin, and Marteese Robinson—from the playgrounds through college ball to the big leagues—revealing a fascinating and personal account of four routes to the same destination and dream.

About Siroty, David

Since his graduation from Syracuse University in 1985, David Siroty has worked for The Big East Conference, Seton Hall, and The Northeast Conference, and was the Director of Public Relations for CN8, The Comcast Network, before joining the DVC Group as the Manager of Media. Siroty, a resident of Westfield, New Jersey, has done freelance writing for Eastern Basketball and Basketball Times.