The Million-to-One Team

Why the Chicago Cubs Haven't Won a Pennant Since 1945

Book Description

In The Million-to-One Team, author George Castle traces all the management actions and strategies that kept the Cubs on the golf course in October while every other team in existence in 1945 has been in at least one World Series, and a goodly number in far more than that. Castle also looks at the proverbial glimmer of hope that could end the unparalleled championship drought.

About Castle, George

George Castle has covered Major League Baseball and the Chicago Cubs since 1980 for a variety of newspapers and magazines. The author of twelve books, Castle hosts and produces a weekly syndicated baseball show, Diamond Gems. Castle has become a multimedia purveyor of baseball inside information and analysis, using a network of close clubhouse and front-office relationships to continually produce scoops and informative pieces that outflank other media. He has gotten to know—and gain the trust—of almost all of the important figures in Chicago and general baseball history. Castle has also appeared on a wide variety of network radio—including ESPN, Sporting News, and Sirius—and local sports-talk radio programs. He was tapped by producers as one of the historical experts on the Cubs for Wait ʼTil Next Year: The Saga of the Chicago Cubs, the HBO 2006 special on the team. He lives in Chicago.