Norway's Arctic Highway

Mo I Rana To Kirkenes

Book Description

Norway's Arctic Highway stretches 900 miles from Mo i Rana to Kirkenes, almost all of the route within the Arctic Circle. At its most northern point the road comes to within 19.5 degrees of the North Pole. This is a region of intense physical beauty--tundra plateaux, vast glaciers, and magnificent fjords. It's also the land of the Sami people. Includes places to stay, places to eat, what to see, getting to Norway from North America and other parts of Europe, a kilometer by kilometer route guide, and background information on the people, flora, and fauna of the region.

About Douglas, John

John Douglas is a geographer who has explored the whole of northern Scandinavia over a period of 25 years. Using canoe, inflatable boat, light aircraft as well as, more conventionally a 4WD, there are few places he has not visited. He has stayed with the Sami in their summer camps and has made a special study of the evolution of North Norway's road system. This is his fifteenth book. As a professional photographer and travel consultant he has also travelled widely in other parts of the arctic, in Africa and in South-East Asia. He has homes in London and Nottingham but confesses to a preference for an itinerant lifestyle.