Mediterranean Handbook

Ferry Routes, Islands And Ports

Book Description

The Mediterranean, its ports and islands--a practical guide for independent travelers using boats and ferries. This is an entirely new kind of guide based not on countries but on a sea, its islands and the places the routes across it connect to. What we have done is to look at the Mediterranean in a more exceptional way. Instead of the cobbled together collections of melted down country guides that usually pass for Mediterranean guide books, we've treated the place first and foremost as what it is--a sea.
Includes all Mediterranean countries with ferry connections: Greece, Turkey, Israel, Egypt, Tunisia, Morocco, Spain, Gibraltar, France, Italy, Croatia, Albania, Malta. Route plans, ferry timetables, historical background, places to stay, and places to eat are featured for all budgets.

About Gorvett, Jon

Jon Gorvett is the Turkey corespondent for The Boston Globe and a regular contributor to the Washington Report on Middle East Affairs. He is co-author of the award-winning Time Out Guide to Istanbul.