Play 1e4 e5

A Complete Repertiore For Black In The Open Games

Book Description

There is no doubt that playing the Open Games is one of Black's most reliable and aggressive ways of meeting White's favorite opening move, 1 e4. Experts also agree that playing these fundamental openings is a crucial step in the development of a chess player, while moving up to the highest level it provides the battleground for countless duals between the likes of World number one Garry Kasparov, Vishy Anand and Vladimir Kramnik. It's true that some Black players are put off by the seemingly endless number of variations they can be faced with, as White can choose a between the King's Gambit, Vienna Game, Scotch Opening, Bishop's Opening and a number of wild and offbeat gambits. However, in Play 1 e4 e5! Nigel Davies provides a complete answer to this perennial problem by offering a concise and practical repertoire for the Black player, whilst crucially including a dependable defence to the Ruy Lopez--White's most popular attacking try in the Open Games. Davies is the perfect choice for this subject, having been battle-hardened by years of international competition in these openings.

>A complete defence to 1 e4
>Written by a 1 e4 e5 expert
>All of White's tries are covered
>Includes White's main weapon, the Ruy Lopez

About Davies, Nigel

Nigel Davies is both an experienced Grandmaster and chess trainer. A former British Open Quickplay Champion, Davies is the author of several successful chess books and is highly experienced in chess publishing. His previous works for Everyman Chess include Alekhine's Defence and The Trompowsky.