Times Winning Moves

Book Description

Each year The Times daily chess column is voted by readers as the most widely read of all national chess articles in the UK. A key component of The Times daily chess coverage is the regular winning move feature. In these puzzles the player whose turn it is to move has available a knockout blow that obliterates the opposition. This book contains the pick of The Times winning moves. Every week readers are invited to solve one of the puzzles and a regular highlight of The Times newspaper's coverage of chess is the immense feedback from the reader mailbag where fans dissect and debate the solutions to these puzzles unearthed by the masters and grandmasters that originally played them. This book offers both instruction and entertainment. Players are able to hone their tactical skills by trying to guess the killer blow or simply sit back in the comfort of their home and enjoy the sacrificial displays concocted by the experts.

About Jacobs, Byron

Ray Keene is a grandmaster and is chess columnist for The London Times, the Sunday Times and The Spectator. Byron Jacobs is a chess author and journalist who has written extensively on all aspects of the game.