Dutch Stonewall

Book Description

The Stonewall is an ideal choice for those players who are keen to avoid the reams of theory that surround more popular openings such as the King¿s Indian and Nimzo-Indian Defences. With the Stonewall Black stakes an immediate claim in the centre and lays the foundations for a potentially dangerous kingside attack. The route to success with the Stonewall is very much based on an understanding of themes and ideas and these are clearly elucidated by experienced author Jacob Aagaard.

About Aagaard, Jacob

Jacob Aargaard is a young International Master from Denmark who is well on the way to obtaining the Grandmaster title. He has earned himself a deserved reputation as a diligent and no-nonsense chess author. His earlier opening manuals, such as Easy Guide to the Sveshnikov Sicilian, have been widely admired for the clarity of his approach