Mastering the Middlegame

Book Description

The middlegame can prove to be a minefield for many players, throwing up numerous difficult questions. Is this a good time to get active or should I consolidate my position? Should I have a long think in this position, or save time for later? Are desperate measures called for or should I just try to defend solidly? In Mastering the Middlegame, International master Angus Dunnington answers these and other questions that frequently baffle players of all levels.

* Explains how strong players approach tactical and positional play
* Numerous test positions enables readers to guage their progress
* Revolutionary layout allows readers to absorb the key ideas

About Dunnington, Angus

International master Angus Dunnington has competed successfully in numerous events on the European circuit. He is an experienced chess coach who has helped many promising young players to achieve their full potential. He is a prolific author and is chess columnist for The Yorkshire Post.

Earlier works of his include Attacking with 1 d4 and Mastering the Opening.