Monet at Vetheuil 1878-1883

Book Description

Monet's time at V,theuil was a key period in his life but one that has not previously been addressed in much detail. V,theuil, on the banks of the Seine, is where Monet lived with his wife Camille and their two young children, sharing a small rented house with the Hosched, family - Ernest, Alice and their six children. This was a time of great hardship and personal distress for Monet, and while he was painting some of his best-known works, selling them at times for as little as fifty francs, his dying wife was being nursed by Alice Hosched,, who also cared for both families. By the time the two families left V,theuil, Monet's work was starting to sell well and his financial problems were at an end. David Joel has made many visits to V,theuil and the Normandy coast, researching and photographing the places Monet painted, from a boat on the river, the land and the coast. 130 Monet paintings are illustrated in colour as well as David Joel's own photographs of the area as it is today. Prepared with t

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