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Simon Drew's sense of humor is an acquired taste; it may be a moot point whether it is worth acquiring, yet thousands of fans around the world have clearly already succumbed to its questionable attractions. These converts will clearly appreciate this new and puzzling collection of nonsensical puzzles. This is a book to exasperate and annoy: the only way to solve the puzzle drawings is either to start with a warped mind or put yourself through such gymnastic mental contortions that your mind ends up warped and twisted as a result. The existing Drew devotees should find no problem with this. To offset these mindblowing puzzles this compilation also includes a selection of Drew's other pointless pictures accompanied by truly agonising verse. Whether this is to mitigate the unfortunate side effects of the puzzles or whether the puzzles are there to distract you from the verse is not made clear. Simon Drew enjoys a dedicated following of like-minded enthusiasts of bizarre humor and it is an ever gr

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