Kirkcudbright's Prince of Denmark

and her voyages in the South seas

Book Description

This is the story of the unusually long and interesting career of a small Scottish schooner spent primarily in the southern hemisphere. From the construction of the vessel to the careers of those who sailed in her, the story is full of rogues, heroes, the famous and infamous, as well as ordinary people calmly going about their daily business in tempestuous and difficult times.

Visionary colonists, whalers, sealers, Maoris, botanists, butchers, missionaries, cannibals, convicts, aristocrats, explorers and more are linked in this narrative and thereby exemplify the courage, skill and vision of people who experience hardship, danger and adversity in their quest for riches in colonial lands.

About Collin, David R.

David R. Collin is a retired chartered architect who spent some years in Fiji and is an enthusiast for all types of boats.